Shark Robotics in the AI for Good initiative

Shark Robotics in the AI for Good initiative

Shark Robotics has been singled out by the AI for Good initiative, launched by the United Nations' International Telecommunication Union, for its innovation in artificial intelligence and robotics for the common good, in an article published on its website and entitled "Robotics and AI to predict and fight wildfires".

“Several different types of robots can be integrated into the firefighter’s mission. Shark Robotics is one company that has already designed six different robots. “Our goal is to intervene close to the danger to protect humans, their environments and the companies,” explains Manon Vermenouze, Director of Communications, Public Affairs, and CSR at Shark Robotics. Their first robot, Colossus, “can transport equipment, […] evacuate wounded people […] and climb stairs”, says Manon. It was famously used at the Notre-Dame Cathedral Fire in April 2019. Its cameras and sensors “can be the eye and the arm of firefighters.”

To read the full article, click here.

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